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Brothers game walkthrough

The G in this game is very easy to accomplish. Even though none of the 12 achievements is story related, all of them can be obtained with just a few minutes of work by performing a specific action in a specific Chapter of the game. Moreover, none of them are missable thanks to the Chapter Select menu that allows you to replay any of the nine Chapters at any time after clearing them once.

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It's another chilly day brothers game walkthrough the frigid mountainous north-lands. As seems to happen so often, an errant gust of wind has blown your family away from the safety of your cavern. With all the clanking machinery, dangerous lava pits, and mysterious ruins lying about, they could be just about anywhere.

And so you tighten the hood of your parka and set out for adventure. After all, protecting the sibs is what a Brother is supposed to do, right? This quirky new point-and-click puzzle game from Luke Thompson may have an arctic aesthetic, but it has a very warm heart indeed. Brothers game walkthrough the mouse, you must click your way about the mountain range, solving puzzles and collecting items with the ultimate goal of rescuing your family members.

Clicked items can be manipulated or added to your inventory. Some puzzles have clear rules to be followed, while others require experimentation to proceed. The fires scattered about act as transporters, and can save you quite a bit of walking once they're lit. Above all, Brother is a game of exploration and observation, and it's hard not to be soothed by its measured pacing. With its cute visuals and sedate atmosphere, Brother is reminiscent of Samorostif with a more technical edge to its challenges.

The frozen landscapes have a gorgeous sparseness and the plot, while minimalistic, is immediately gripping: invoking concern for a lost family may be an easy way to create drama, but it is undeniably effective. Some of the puzzles do tend to the brute force solution of "clicking everything to see what works", which is compounded by the distinct lack of documentation.

It's relatively easy to suss out what your goals are through trial and error, but it's frustrating when a "help" button sends you to a YouTube video, rather than an instruction screen. Still, the parka-clad protagonists with their colorful garments and pictogram language have a distinct charm. Their adorableness may certainly cause you to feel that you owe it to them to solve every puzzle and bring them home.

Overall, Brother has the appeal of a mug of hot cider at the end of a blustery day. Play Brother. You can rescue your brothers in different orders, although some rescues must be completed before others.

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First Rescue: Musical. Go right to the bridge. Click on the white banner hanging to unfurl it and note the musical notes.

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You can click on the notes to hear what they sound like; note the colors they flash when you click them. Stand in the cage that the brother you just rescued was standing it and hit any musical note to go up. Go right and adjust the ramp by hitting the plus so you can use the rock to hit the objects by clicking and dragging the rock to launch, as if it were a giant slingshot.

The correct heights are one click, three clicks, and four clicks. Quickly click the green gem to grab it.

If you miss, try again by lighting and using the fire in the volcano. The best way to solve this next part is with the sound as a clue--it gets louder as you approach the right spot.

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Go back up to the Brother area. Click on the H until it falls and makes a hole, then go through the hole.

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You should have all five gems by now. Go by fire to the cave with the gems hovering over it and your brother will exit automatically. Click the middle platform until it's all the way down, then click the right most one so it's all the way down, then click the second one, then the fourth one. Go right. Since you've rescued your first five brothers, all the platforms will be lit up. Try to walk on them, and you'll fall. Now you have to run away from the volcano. Some are easiest to describe where to click via screen cap, others by describing.

Click the first and third dots. Click the left three of each color. Click the top left and the bottom right dot.

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This one is hard to describe in text. The barrier will lower with every correct dot.

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Posted by: joye September 13, PM. The hint on the bridge shows the tune starts with a D note but on the keyboard where you play the tune you are actually suppose to hit the C key to start not the D. I hate when games have a piano or musical element. First of all I play with the sound off, but more importantly I have no musical training and have no idea what to do with any of the notes, ever.

I like logic puzzles just fine, anyone can do one, but not all of us have ever read sheet music. I have no musical talent and can't read sheet music, and I thought the music puzzle was incredibly easy to figure out. Loved the game.

A couple of tricky points that left me scratching my head for a minute, but the graphics and music were great and I liked the puzzles. The first two music notes are written wrong, making the first puzzle more difficult than it has to be. Actual first two notes you need to play below.

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Why do so many people play games with the sound off? Music and sfx can play a huge part in the enjoyability of a game. Good music can really take you where the game wants you to be. And sfx is like another layer of graphics.

No wonder there are so many youtube videos with an incredibly obnoxious song that the creator thought was more appropriate than the video's own sound. Maybe I'm the only one, but I can't stand that.

Let me hear the noises from your wow boss fight rather than the awful metal song you felt made it oh so cool. I agree somewhat about music puzzles. I beat Zelda Twilight Princess while making my husband come in and do all the wolf-howling music parts.

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So, I think the maker of the game realized that these puzzles are very difficult for the non-musical. I didn't have a problem. And on a side note, the music was supported the game beautifully. And the music puzzle didn't require any musical knowledge to figure out. Simple, DAM. I have all 5 gems, but when I go to the platforms the red one doesn't rise. Am I missing something? Click on the colored gems above, below, or to the left or right of the main character, as indicated in the walkthrough.

The platforms rise not in response to the gems you collect, but to the brothers you rescue. You'll have to rescue more of your brothers to get all the platforms to rise.

I'll edit the walkthrough accordingly. What's the trick behind the dot clicking puzzle in the final part? I'm just randomly clicking and have no idea what I'm doing, and the fact that it's time limited to an extent doesn't help.

Everything else in the game made at least some sense until that part.

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Man, that water puzzle. I figured it was going to be the classic 5, 3, 1 water puzzle but there was more precision involved in this one. Had to use the walkthrough. Hence the three barriers are lifted by clicking on three vertical rows, etc. But I agree that it's not clear. At least the final puzzle shows the barrier moving up and down depending on whether the dot clicked is right or wrong. The first two notes were red for me, the rest were blue, no real color differentiation that I could use.

But, was able to turn the sound on for the music puzzle and sort it out.