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Dating my daughter sex game

There are two stats at the moment in the game: Friendship and Love.

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Views: K. She is 18, and the two of you are getting together. There are so many different emotions running through you right now. She was on your mind all of those years that you didn't get to see her.

Years old: I'm just over forty
Available to: Gentleman
Eye tone: Lively brown eyes
Hair: Gray
Figure type: I'm quite skinny
What I like to drink: I like whisky
Smoker: No

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Views: K. In Dating my Daughter Ch1, you haven't been the best father in the world. You haven't seen your daughter in years.

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She has just turned 18 and now wants to see you again. You two have a father and daughter date, and everything goes great.

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It pulls at your heartstrings to know how long the two of you have been away. Now is your chance to make amends and try your best to work on your relationship.

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Will you go on more father and daughter dates? The answer to that question depends on how you play the game. Lvad - Jul 13, Admin - Jul 13, Nick - Jul 19, Admin - Jul 20, Admin - Jul 12, Puzzled - Jul 02, LoneWolf - Jun 13, Gvgt - Jul 19, Dragon - Jun 10, Hxppy-OnGawd - Jun 01, Emperor - Jul 12, Random - Jul 02, XYZ - May 14, Brandon - May 01, Rock - May 05, CommentFromMe - May 04, Ufpo - May 05, Brandon - May 04, The Headmaster game - A crisis has fallen upon a small island nation.

Dating my daughter [ch. v]

Every year fewer students are graduating from high school. The government must take drastic measures to e In Summer Scent, Jack is only 18 years old and has recently graduated high school. Eve has been hood friend who he hasn't had the best relationship with. It's safe to s In Whores of Thrones, You're about to play a game that's as dirty as they come. Whores of Thrones are exactly what it sounds like, and it takes place back in the medieval days In the game The Secret: Reloaded, Mary has control of the business.

Dating my daughter [ongoing] - version: ch. v

Your father has passed away, and Mary has tightened her grip on the business. You're flying in a private je Dating my Daughter - Ch1 Views: K. If error while loading, please .

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Rating: 5 Votes: Rate this game:. Lvad - Jul 13, Admins, Is this a website issue but sometimes in the middle of the game, a random screen would randomly pop up and if I misclick or click anything else then ignore it freezes the game with the text Bye! Admin - Jul 13, Thank you!

We will check it.

Dating my daughter [ch. v] [mrdots games]

Could you or anyone else tell me what text or error message do you see on the popup? Nick - Jul 19, it freezes and the says "Bye! Admin - Jul 20, The «Bye!

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Admin - Jul 12, Some games use the cookies of your browser for saving your progress. And it can be not saved if the incognito mode is on, or different devices or browsers are used, or even after the game update.

For : dating my daughter game

If you Export or Import saves, please use the Google Chrome browser. Puzzled - Jul 02, I still cant understand how Americans can like sugary coffee Nur leider bei Allen Sexszenen schwarzer Bildschirm, irgendwie ist dann der Sinn verfehlt.

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Daher auch keine volle Punktzahl. Gvgt - Jul 19, Same thing happened. Very good game though, this will be my second playthrough. Hxppy-OnGawd - Jun 01, wtf bro, Played for like 5 hours just to loose to a fucking random. Fucking hell. Emperor - Jul 12, read the walkthrough given below the game description, it'll help.

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Random - Jul 02, Yep same, was playing for so fucking long and then out of nowhere some mf named Lucas proceeds to almost rape the blonde chick Dragon - Jun 10, There is a walkthrough and it tells you what to do throughout the game. I suggest you read it! Brandon - May 01, Hello everyone, I just started to play this games and I play it on a MacBook and I was wondering what key I have to press or where to press if I have to save my progress in this game because it seems like this game can take hours and hours.

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If one of you knows what to do in my situation please tell me. Rock - May 05, just right click. CommentFromMe - May 04, If you're using a laptop, you can go back in the game by placing two fingers on your mousepad and trace them down. The game should go back a couple of slides then. Ufpo - May 05, If you are using a mouse than you probably can use the scroll wheel.

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Brandon - May 04, Ok thanks for the trick mate. Do you have any other tricks to make a save so that I can stop playing one day and then play in a other day without restarting the game. Show more Similar Games.

Dating my daughter

The Headmaster [v [0. Summer Scent [v [0. Whores of Thrones - Season 1 79K.

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The Secret: Reloaded [v [0.