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Erotic hypnosis games

Gaming seems to transfer pretty well to the kink; is there a better way to enter a trance state than repeating the same few tasks over and over again?

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While for a lot of gaming studios who operate in the adult space, offering people with access to hypno-related products is something that comes as something of an afterthought, it's important for everyone to realize that Jerk Dolls — from the very start — knew that this was going to be a big niche for us to explore and provide material in. You guys love nothing more than giving up control of erotic hypnosis games bodies over to another person who's going to take you on a sexual adventure of a lifetime. What with the prices of a standard hypnotist being far in advance of anything most people can afford, why not switch over to a digital one? That's the basic premise of what Jerk Dolls is trying to provide here with our incredible selection of games themed around erotic hypnosis. Rest assured that if you're someone who wants to go through a suggestion experience with an AI, we've got just the tools for you! There ought to be a word of warning here, however: we're not going to protect you if things go a little bit too far!

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Mind control

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I really figured that we needed a thread like this at some point! What are your favorite hypno-themed games? Games you've made? Games your friends made? I want em all. I want all the best. And I want em here.

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Cuz I seriously need more content to enjoy in my life, ha. IDPet about 3 years ago. I have a game about hypnosis and pet play, mass hypnosis, gradual trance, inductions, etc. It's a game where the character you control is hypnotized, and has to go through events in that state. Dark-Wisp about 3 years ago. A Spell for All. It's one of the games I've been following closely for a long time. Dark-Wisp said: A Spell for All. TheMadPrince about 3 years ago. Isn't that game old enough to be legal?

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I mean, it's awesome, so certainly no complaints hearing that people are still working on it, but daaang. Zermelane about 3 years ago. Reposting a recommendation I've made earlier, in the hope that this thread will stick around as a resource: Monster Girl Dreams.

~erotic slave hypnosis~ game

Sabwhy about 3 years ago. Is there any game that utilizes a very low difficulty enemy that's really easy to beat, like a small slime or sentient rope that can only coil not tieand you just break away by doing character rotations. That you could very easily shrug off, or brush away. But if you just stand there, or let multiple of these enemies gang up on you, it gets progressively harder to break away, and then you get subdued? Or even just a single unassuming enemy that you can just let take the player character over? GrandDad about 3 years ago.

If you lose to every monster in the game once, THEN beat the final boss, you get corrupted into being his slave.

Mind control

In the sequel, there's a boss that will brainwash your character, giving them false memories making you fall in love with them. In the third game, if you lose to t he final boss again, you get a sequence that mirrors the one in the 1st game.

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Also hypnosis aside, the games just have really hot game over scenes. The game has no translation but is extremely simple and easy to playthrough, and if you're a hypno fetishist you can understand the nuance of a brainwashing scene even if you don't understand the language itself. The game is also not translated and requires a lot of effort to actually play and complete but can be learned with enough effort.

Mind control

You can undergo hypnosis therapy wherein your character is slowly broken down by a secretly evil priest, or if that's too slow for you, you can progress the story and actually fight them along with a cute priestess type character and if you lose, in one of my favorite hentai scenes in all the games I've played. The main game is fully translated in english, but most of the DLC stuff aren't because the original creator of the game is working on an english translation of their own.

The games have you play as a bad guy type character and depending on how hard you beat the heroines down you can use mind control powers to dominate them. In the second game you can actually have the heroine dominate you instead. Download links for these games can be found on sukebei. Motorata about 3 years ago.

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Sabwhy said: Is there any game that utilizes a very low difficulty enemy that's really easy to beat, like a small slime or sentient rope that can only coil not tieand you just break away by doing character rotations. Meebles said: well GrandDad i'd love to play some of these games but i'm erotic hypnosis games a loooot of trouble navigating the sites haha, can't actually figure out where to buy them.

GrandDad said: All of these games can be found in dlsite. The last two, though, can actually be found on Steam, and are 5 dollars each I think? Zermelane said: Reposting a recommendation I've made earlier, in the hope that this thread will stick around as a resource: Monster Girl Dreams.

Pinkanator about 3 years ago. Here's a lewd Metroidvania in which you, a cute shota, are preyed upon by monster girls, several of them hypno based. Welp, time to sound like a broken record again. From visual novels to RPG Maker games. They've got a big list of games they've made as well on the frontso if you want to see if there's anything that tickles your fancy, here it is.

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As a note, English is not either of the creator's first languages, so grammar errors occasionally pop up though not as often as one might think Sorry for plugging them so much. Was just relevant to this thread. Maxelich about 3 years ago. Pinkanator said: Here's a lewd Metroidvania in which you, a cute shota, are preyed upon by monster girls, several of them hypno based. Relanor about 3 years ago. This thread is a good one. Can't wait to return to this.

Hypnosis game developer creates adult games for ‘hypnoslut’ gamers

Maxelich said: i played the game but i couldn't find any of the hypno content. We need a hundred of these.

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Chibideath about 3 years ago. Pinkanator said: Here's a walkthrough and save file for you. DMNC about 3 years ago. Despite its premise not sounding very MC-related, it's surprisingly very MC-centric. It's not available in english but I was able to get through it with a text hooker. Also, once again not available in english but I'd also like to throw out this recommendation.

~erotic slave hypnosis~ game

While Include's stuff is pretty hit or miss for me, this one just has a really interesting gimmick to it. The protagonist has a really specific type of hypnosis skill where he is able to cast people into "roles" for his "hypnosis theater". Basically in each of the three roles he decides an appropriate role for the heroines which is utilized in pretty entertaining ways.

He uses his hypnosis to convince his nosy idealistic teacher that she's a magical girl, causes the tomboyish swim captain to follow her inane and discarded childhood dream of becoming an idol, and in my favorite route, gaslights the repressed and narrow minded student council president into thinking she's transforming into a succubus.

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The story is a typical revenge plot but the protagonist is not a complete scumbag and is actually actively trying not to use his abilities at all at the beginning. He starts off minding his own business trying to immerse himself in otaku culture but then just sort of gets cornered into the situation. DannyS about 3 years ago.

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TheMadPrince said: That one seemed cool, but I never really figured out the interface. Kind of clunky and all. DannyS said: I've considered trying to cobble together a guide, but the nature of the game makes it so hard to explain without writing half of the Silmarillion on which asments are good to take and when you should choose aspects over traits during your level ups, shit like that.

Most of the paths are hypno, it's made fully in English, it's free, it has CGs, and it has a cheat item if you're lazy. You play as a historian who's trying to figure out the past and abilities of her race, the Shapeshifters. You can be the dom, or you can be the sub with ificantly less effort.

It's in RPG maker, and, most importantly, you can actually load from the pause menu.