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Furry breeding games

Hello, I know this may be niche, but I really enjoy the game Furry-Paws. You can raise dogs, and they age up over days, you can breed them and show them.

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The game allows the players to enjoy Caring, Feeding, Breeding and training all the beautiful dog breed. In order to progress through the game, Furry Paws lets the players register online. Once registered, they can select a dog breed, move to a piece of land, build their own beautiful Kennel and let the dog live there in peace.

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Wajas uses dog and wolf-based creatures. After getting a waja, you can explore caves, play minigames, and find fun accessories to add to your creature. Khimeros works almost exactly like Wajas. The main difference pet-wise is that instead of having purely wolf and dog-based pets, you breed pets based on a variety of animals. So you can easily have a creature with the front half of a wolf, and the back half of an owl…-like thing.

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The games to play to earn money and items are more unique than other games on this list. The Dragon Empire runs much like Wajas and Khimeros, only with dragons. I actually find the games easier and more casual to play, though you have a pretty low limit as to how much you can get per day.

The games are rather unique as well, using flash-based games instead of browser-based ones. Actually, that might be a good thing, lest I find myself playing them all day! Aywas is one of the more unique breeding pet games. First off, unlike most other breeding games, this one is more battle and collection-oriented than breeding-oriented.

You can also fight other players. And you need to spend much more if you wish to breed two creatures of different species.

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Dragon Stable seems to work a lot like Neopets, but you can actually breed the dragons you own. You have a world to explore, and games to play. Most of the games are based on luck and chance, but at least some of them let you continue to earn in-game credits, even if you lose. Pure Felinity allows you to raise and breed your own cats, place them in shows, and even create your own breed!

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It requires a lot of interaction, from feeding to grooming to making sure each of your cats are completely healthy. One thing I like about this game is the ability to create your own breeds.

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Unfortunately, there is only one game to play to earn extra money…or not. You might get a good chunk of money back, or you might get nothing at all. So even though you can technically breed cats until the cows or cats come home, you have to be sure you can both afford to keep them, and you have room for them! Furry Paws would be best described as a cross of Neopets and Pure Felinity abovejust…you know…with dogs.

You raise and breed your dogs, place them in shows, and play a variety of cute games to earn money. My advice: Use the bank feature often. Very often. And it usually favors taking large amounts of money at once. Howrse is an odd game, but the fun kind of odd.

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While overwhelmingly complicated when first ing, it has a lot of features unique to the games on this list. Jobs are also unique in this game. Instead of having a job that you will get paid for every week on schedule, you compete with other players for job openings that last a certain of days, and you will only get your daily wage if you log in every day. The longer you play the game, the more jobs open up.

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This is a great way to keep players on their toes, and active within the game itself. That makes it great for people like me, who has work that very often interrupts potential game time. Kitten Tracks is rather unique in the list of Breeding Games.

The game setup is a little confusing to new members, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a lot of fun, and rather addicting. Animal Acres has a basic gameplay that is much like Kitten Tracks, with some notable differences.

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For one, you can own and breed a wide variety of animals, from cats to horses to dragons and mermaids! Although, it appears that your pets will still die from age as on KT. However, unlike most of the sites on this list, there are no games to earn in-game currency. You can earn money by taking jobs that pay once a week, or by selling pets and items.

Hooves of Fire is a Facebook-specific game where you can breed and race horses. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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