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Game of moans

You do not have to be the smartest person in the world to realize that Game of Moans is a parody of the awesome hit TV show Game of Thrones. It should go without saying that unless you are a massive fan of the show like I am you probably do not want to get too invested in this. Unless you have seen images of some of the hotties such as Emilia Clarke online and want to get it on with her as this is an XXX game after all!

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Stop it, JK Rowling.

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Vote for your favourite. Few of our favourite characters are going to make it out alive.

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But who do you think will die first? IN news that will upset Game Of Thrones fans, George RR Martin has announced he is stressed and overwhelmed with work and has to stop writing for a while.

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But is he really dying? Get ready for a spoiler-filled review of episodes eight and nine of Stranger Things Season Two. This week, two big deaths hidden among lots of nudity. NOW that was a shock death — or was it a bluff?

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After promising so much but delivering very little this season, The Walking Dead unleashed a huge twist in its series eight mid-season finale. AFTER killing Glenn in the horrifying first episode of season seven, The Walking Dead is teasing the death of his pregnant wife Maggie in the series eight mid-season finale.

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This week, a hint about Bran and dragons. This week, deaths and babies. Spoiler alert: After lots of looming menace but not much actual action, bad things are finally happening in Stranger Things 2.

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THEY are the warrior women of the screen, who put their muscle-bound male counterparts to shame. But who is the greatest woman in science fiction?

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THE Walking Dead preview for episode four seems to show the end of fan favourite Carol — but all is probably not as it seems. This season features new faces from s classics Aliens and The Goonies, who will surely have a huge impact on the show. RICK looks like he will be forced to kill a man he thought was a friend — while Ezekiel is about to get a harsh lesson in the brutality of warfare in the third episode of The Walking Dead.

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This week we discover that Daenerys will have a baby with Jon. This week we discover Tyrion will fly. THE third episode of the very first season of Game Of Thrones reveals what will happen in season eight — and offers us a potential massive twist that will flip the series on its head.

FEAR The Walking Dead has taken a huge turn and everything is up for grabs in the final three episodes thanks to a shocking twist.

Game of moans

THE fan theory that Jon Snow is a fire wight and so must die in Game Of Thrones may have had new life breathed into it by a behind-the-scenes video of how the dragon Viserion was brought back from dead. Read Today's Paper Tributes. Blogs Game Of Moans Follow. Game of Moans Blog Posts.