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Ideology in friction game

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The main story of the game is about two knights, named Clacier and Annette, and these knights are in an impossible stage where they need to make decisions about their lives. You must help these two knights by taking the role of a Protagonist to make their mission easy. During the gameplay, you will find many NPC to whom you can change dialogues using the default provided conversations. There are a variety of people you will face throughout your journey, which can be your friends or enemies, and you need to judge whether the person is with you or not to make a final decision. The game offers side quests that you must have to complete to advance in the game, and as you get advance, the mode of difficulty becomes harder for you.

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Clacier Berg is an elf.

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This has been a problem her whole life. As a bullied youth she made a decision: to the Knights of Viktor and earn a living as a respected member of society.

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Years later she has done just that. ing the dangerous Special Forces with the Ragtag Bunch of Misfits that serve as her graduating class. With the help of these True Companionsshe will battle deadly foes and crush resistance in the name of the Kingdom of Viktor.

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Unless you had other plans. The main story dives into the heart of conflict between multiple factions and the corrupt government of ViktorBerg.

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Uncovering the whole story of Ideology in Friction takes the player down multiple paths, exploring the backstories of several characters. Clacier must delve into the darkest recesses of the kingdom, learning the true history of a conspiracy spanning generations. It is a journey that will change her, but the nature of those changes is up to you.

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