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The comprehensive review and up-to-date information contained in The Mating Game not only provides answers to questions about important life events but also encourages readers' interest in the field of interpersonal relationships and human mating.

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Strong sexual selection by receivers can lead to the evolution of elaborate courtship behaviors in alers. However the process by which receivers sample alers and execute mate choice under complex aling conditions—and thus the realized strength of sexual section—is poorly understood. Moreover, receivers can vary in condition, which can further influence mate sampling strategies.

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Across the continent's breeding grounds, waterfowl take part in timeless spring mating rituals. Ducks participate in acrobatic pairing flights, which are an important step in selecting a mate.

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Handfuls of gaudy drakes, cloaked in vivid breeding plumage, jockey for position near sought-after hens. Courtship consists of als by male and female birds — such as calls, posture and feather displays — to indicate the condition of their respective sexual interests. Aggressive behavior among competing males is not uncommon.

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In the never-ending process of natural selection, only the strongest, most experienced male breeders may prevail in winning mates. The strong bond forged between a paired hen and drake is vital to the hen's nesting success.

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The hen will face many hazards on the nesting grounds, where her drake must also vanquish legions of would-be suitors and defend the pair's territory against other pairs. It will, after all, be the progeny of the most successful pairs that eventually take to the skies, ensuring a bright future for their species.

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Once pair bonds have been formed, some males, particularly wood ducks, take an active role in seeking out suitable nest sites. Conservation : Waterfowl Research.

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