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Ouroboros rpg game walkthrough

Enjoying it so far but absolutely stumped on what i should do to get past the orange flame. I ca already bring 2 party members and have beaten all the bosses apart from the memories on the blocked off part of the beach.

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Download Now Save to Dropbox. Author's Note: This is the expedient guide to completing the game.

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Jul 14, 18 3. For the final fight you have to enter the castle through the purple dungeon not normally, it isn't well specified on the walkthrough and it drove me mad. Last edited: Aug 15, Sep 26, 1 0. Nivelungo New Member.

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Oct 16, 12 4. Linux Link is broken, can anyone re?

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Oct 19, 10 5. Guys help, I can't defeat slimey, is there something I am missing? Reactions: HunterSeeker.

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Nov 25, 29 7. The link for the Linux version is down. Can you it again?

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Respected User. Former Staff. Aug 18, 4, 32, Nivelungo said:. Reactions: madmonkey Jan 1, 5 7. Thanks for the ! Looks like Mac and Linux links are dead due to inactivity.

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Think we can fix that? Reactions: raisuns. Muff Diver said:.

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HunterSeeker Active Member. May 13, So fighting monsters is pretty much pointless.

They give no exp, gold, or drops Very odd de choice for an RPG. GuyManBro69 Newbie. Apr 26, 55 Game is pretty long and repetitive, a lot of grinding for potions and stuff as you do not earn money from battles, even if you could, you can't buy potions. The time loop thing was done pretty good, I liked the story in it and the sex scenes were alright.

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Here is a save if anyone needs it:. Ouroboros save.

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Gomly Well-Known Member. Jul 4, 4, 6, I absolutely love Last Sovereign. I adore Desecration of Wings. Crimson Gray is a great story well told.

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I found myself bored stiff here. I got 4 hours in and to the third "rewind" of the same conversations which weren't exactly great the first time round and got tedious as all hell by the third. It's like the game fights back and tries to stop me from playing. ThisKmavel Newbie. May 28, 30 Came for porn stayed for the plot! But seriously this game is amzing, the only thing I wished for were more sex scenes and overall more stuff to fuck up.

I would recommend to play it with a walkthrough, without it its somewhat tedious.

About this game

Linkolek Newbie. Oct 19, 24 GuyManBro69 said:.

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Apr 22, 27 I got it working by taking the program files from another RPGM MV game I downloaded and converting all the sound files to ogg and copying and renaming one to ConquestTheme4. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here.

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