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Sexy touching game

Stuck in a sex rut?

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how much we read about intimacy, how many articles and podcasts and studies tell us that sex is essential for healthy relationships, or how attracted we still are to our partners They get a little stale, they get de-prioritized, we find things we love more than sex like sleepand one day it dawns on us: We don't need more research, we need more ideas. This may not surprise you at all, but novelty and excitement are some of the key elements of passion and arousal. In fact, it is possible to introduce novelty and excitement into your bedroom with some basic behavioural changes - the key to this is curiosity.

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In fact, some relationship experts say scheduling sex can help maintain a healthy, long-term relationship. Play these fun, expert-endorsed sex games for couples, that will hopefully result in sensational discoveries and maybe even unlock some new sexual fantasies. So, light a romantic candlecue up your sultriest playlistand settle in.

What you need: Handcuffs or something to tie your wrists bandana, silk scarf, tie, etc.

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Switch roles if you prefer to be the submissive. What you need: Thawed-out frozen strawberries you can also use ice cream, whipped cream, or any other food you enjoy. Slowly lick up and down, savoring each flavor.

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As you get into it, suck with more fervor until you feel your partner about to climax, then slow down and repeat until you're both satisfied. How to play: Prepare a five-part meal drinks, appetizers, salad, main dish, and dessert and place each course in a different room in your house. Example: in the drinks room, start with cuddling and a light makeout as you sip your cocktail of choice. For appetizers, feel up your partner over their clothes as you feed each other, and maybe remove an item or two.

What you need: This list of sexual personality types. How to play: Read over the 11 sexual personality types separately, and pick your absolute favorite based on what you think is the most important aspect of sex. Then, make two different sex dates.

What you need: Three piles of cards: one for characters, one for locations, and one for sex toys. How to play: This game is a riff off the classic game of Clue, so you first need to create your cards. Character cards should describe different roles—like a wicked witch, biker dude, or sexy teacher—while locations can be in the kitchen, playroom, or basement.

Your sex toys can be as wild as you want, from your tongue to a lipstick vibrator or even a leather flogger. Once you have your cards, place them into piles and shuffle the decks. Each sexy touching game picks a card from the piles, creating a scene and role to play. Once you have your role, dress up in character using a costume or things you have in the closet.

Plus, creating the cards yourselves allows each of you to contribute your own erotic fantasies and curiosity into the relationship, and taking on a new role allows for a power exchange as one plays the leader and the other follows. What you need: Two erotic stories each partner should choose one. This can be an explicit scene from a book you like, or something you found online.

How to play: Have your erotic stories handy. Read one story aloud or silently together. Note: reading it aloud can enhance the experience. Think of it as a fun way to add extra spice to foreplay, without having to come up with what to say yourself.

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What you need: Blindfold, small candies like chocolate kissessilk tie. How to play: In this game, there's the Hider and the Seeker. The Seeker starts kneeling on the bed, with a blindfold over their eyes and hands tied behind their back. The Hider strips down and lays on the bed next to the Seeker, placing a set of candies in different spots on their body.

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When the Hider is ready, they let the Seeker know how many candies to search for. Using kisses only, the Seeker must then find each candy.

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What you need: Sexpectations Card Deck. How to play: Take turns drawing a card from the deck.

2. truth or dare - minus the truth

The deck is complete with 52 conversation cards, covering everything from getting in the mood to romance outside the bedroom. You can go through a few at a time, one per week, or blast through the whole deck in one highly-aroused day. How to play: Have a contest to see who can prevent themselves from climaxing the longest. Whoever climaxes first has to complete a chore for the night be it sexual or notchosen by the winner.

Consider it another way to focus on your bond, rather than the final outcome. The Leader traces their fingers and tongue all over the Follower in the exact way that they want to be touched. The Follower then has to remember the same movements and replicate them on the Leader.

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What you need: One bowl, 20 folded pieces of paper, dicea pen. How to play: Each person writes down 10 things they want their partners to do these can be naughty or notfolds the papers, and puts them into the bowls. Throw the dice.

Whoever gets the higher wins, and the loser must pick a paper from a bowl and perform whatever's written on the paper if they want to, of course. But adding in the dice adds an extra spice element, encouraging partners to let go of their inhibitions, says Alex Miller, sexologist at Orchid Toys.

You must bet without seeing them, and instead of betting money or chips, you choose a sex action. Once the betting is over, players show their cards—whoever loses performs all of the acts that were mentioned in the bet.

Again, if they want to. What you need: A roster of interesting locations, a creative mind. Example: Have anonymous flowers delivered to their office, pin a sexy riddle to their steering wheel, or drop a string of one-line clues that follow the path of their morning routine, leading them to the lobby of a swanky speak-easy or other mysterious, dimly-lit location.

It gets you out of your analytical mind and encourages you to be inventive and playful.

So, as long as it feels good to you, allowing yourself to play through your sexual desires is a healthy way to be creative, and keep things interesting. What you need: Four sheets of paper, a genie lamp or other enticing vesseland an attitude of openness. How to play: Each partner grabs several small pieces of paper and writes down one of their most riveting fantasies on each.

Some fantasies might be of an uncomplicated variety—like a jolting romp on the washing machine, while others might be more elaborate and whimsical—like slipping into roles that transport the both of you to another place and time say, the wounded soldier and his nurse. The papers are then folded and placed inside of the vessel. Each week, the couple takes turns drawing a fantasy to step into.

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How to play: Dressed in seductive attire or none at allset the mood with musiccandlesand cocktails, grab the game and clear a comfortable space on the floor. The first rule is this: Players are only allowed to call upon words plucked from their most erotic vocabularies. Second, if you spell out a body part, your partner gets to lean into you and plant a lustful, wet kiss there and vice versa. How to play: This one is all about pleasing your ificant other—making him or her a prisoner of their own quirks and primitive desires.

Lock your partner into a room one you have ly agreed upon, of courseand inform them that they are your hostage for the day or evening. How to play: This deck of cards contains ideas to inspire thoughts or questions to text to your partner.

Ho says this can go a long way toward bolstering connection and strengthening your bond. Send them a sexy text or a racy photo. How to play: This game is simple and almost entirely psychological, and its intention is to resuscitate the excitement of brand-new infatuation. Their most private architecture—and yours—is new, unexplored territory to the other. No matter how long it's been, this may incite that feeling of ravishment that comes with a romance that's yet to be spoiled by the interferences and stressors of life, perhaps reawakening you to the facets of your partner you had forgotten were so beguiling, delicious and irresistible.

How to play: For 30 whole minutes, touching is dangerously forbidden. Each will revel in the excitement of exchanging energy and body heat, without so much as a stroke.

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And, when you finally do touch, it will likely be gratifying for both of you. How to play: One of you is royalty for the entire evening, and the other is the sexy, obliging attendant aside from any activity that has been predetermined to be off-the-table, of course.

Whether king or queen, he or she gives orders to the attendant, getting exactly what they request, in the manner that they request it. The following evening, week or month, reverse the roles. How to play: Grab your phone and set a timer for three minutes. Immediately let the foreplay begin, pulling away from each other the second the timer expires—no matter how ferociously the intensity may have been building.

Next, change positions or rooms and where you left off—until both parties have had their way with the other.

1. guess this item

How to play: Start with the lips and decolletage. Take turns exploring each other's bodies, gliding across the erogenous zones and shadowy crevices—from the nipples to the inner thighs—with ice. Move in sensual, teasing strokes.

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You could even pass the ice cube back and forth with your mouths. How to play: This sophisticated board game comes packaged with 90 cards, a pair of dice, a timer and a few other small props. Plus, it eases you both into the act and allows a stretch of warming-up, which makes for a more organic, less pressured romp.

This, in turn, further cultivates your chemistry and connection.