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Playing video games during the holiday break is a sacred thing. For over 25 years I've always used this time between Thanksgiving and New Year's to dump a ton of time into my favorite games. It's the perfect time to do it, because most of us have fewer responsibilities during this time. That's why I put together a list of some great games to dive into over the next few weeks. Each of these titles can eat up dozens of hours alone -- if not hundreds.

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How many hours did you spend playing video games this weekend?

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And I mean anything. The latest technology in video games is constantly evolving and new ways of sucking the life out of all of us are coming to fruition each day. Put it this way: there have been many tales of chronic video game addiction in the news the past few years, but I thought it was time now for a look back to see what the most soul-sucking video games really have been.

However, there is a contingent who plays it obsessively, and an even smaller percentage that are just completely consumed by it.

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You have to be really damn good to even start to have fun, whereas in Halo you can just dick around on Vahalla in the Warthog turret if you want. No more of this FPS baby stuff, this is some hardcore role-playing addictive shit. Any game with levels is inherently dangerous, especially one like Diablo where it takes as long to get from level 98 to 99 as it did from levels 1 to I came across a sad forum post while looking up info for this article. It re:. Must have free multiplayer. I think I'm a part of the first generation of journalists to skip print media entirely, and I've learned a lot these last few years at Sucking games.

Eve online deserves a honorable mention. Once you get sucked in to the economy you will be doing excel spreheets for sucking games, now that is deranged! Ten years before WoW. Yes, I used to be addicted to Halo for a while. Surprisingly I still did quite well in my exams though so it was all good. Without listing Civilization, the list is tragically lacking. Just quarter after quarter after quarter, hour after hour after hour of Pacman.

Wow great article. It sucked my soul for 3 years. I suggest deleting or selling your going cold turkey as I did to end the addiction.

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WoW is addicting but after you raid for like 20 hours every weekend for over a year and have hundreds of days played. From the looks of it, a lot of people commenting are able to balance their addiction without ruining their lives. Anything could be an addiction if done in excess and without restraint eating? Meh i remember the days when Street Fighter and the original Mortal Kombat was out in the arcades.

I spent hours upon hours with hundreds of other kids putting in quarter after quarter. Games nowadays are cheaper and you do not have to get out of your sucking games to play. I too am not suprised that WoW is at the top. Man, if i could just go back and see myself…. I would probably beat the shit out of myself!! Get up and have sex with your gf! I just read that real mastery takes around hours of practice. Maybe they like to play this game and enter tournaments? Outside is over-rated. How about Animal Crossing?

The game that makes you feel like an asshole if you go a day without playing it. EQ 5 years WoW 3 years Lineage 2 1.

Naughty games at the college campus

Do I consider myself addicted? Will I quit? No, I like to game. Its a fun thing to do and I will never give that up. I will slow it down once I get my loans paid off in order to socialize, and possibly find one of the fairer sex to play the biggest RPG Role-Playing Game ever, real life.

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Seriously, WoW is much less time consuming then Everquest when you consider the amount of time sinks in both games. How much wow did i play this weekend? Not fucking enough! Does it effect my life in a negative way, no. Sucking games have choice over there actions whatever excuse they apply to what they do. This is another fluff article pointing the finger at something that is only a symptom and not a source of some peoples personal choices of there un productive to society reality.

Video games in the American education system it is a un-used tool. I mean come on the army has been using them for years and they are looking for ways to do it better everyday.

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You just spend money on a monthly basis to meet people and walk around in these virtual worlds. Play shooters or sucking games games. Dwarf Fortress is starting to do it for me. That kid is such a manipulative whiner. I would never have accepted that from either of my daughters and my parents would never have accepted that from me. You pull the plug and send them to their room, period. No argument, no discussion, no debating. They have evidently been very poor parents who have been disengaged emotionally from their children and, when crisis time hits, they have all the wrong tools at their disposal.

They do not know how to parent. I play wow all the time and love it.

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So with that said, wow is a soul sucking game, but choose your vice. Some people watch tv, some people play games. How that impacts your life is up to you. I would have expected to find the Civilization series on this list, as well as Morrowind or Oblivion.

Final Fantasy? It ended up costing me my marriage. So sucking games this be a lesson to those of you who have not had the benefit of my experience. RL is more important than a game. That being said, I still game and will never stop. Guys; pay attention to the ladies.

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WoW completely consumed my life when the open sucking games came out. Thank God I was in college at the time and had tons of free time. From that experience, I refuse to buy the game now. I work 10 hours a day, I want to get away but the pay checks keep bringing me back. Definitely not good for me. Hmm…What about Morrowind? Or Snood? Seriously, I think my grandmother has logged more hours in Snood than I have gaming my entire life.

Got to agree, these online games can be addictive. The thing about WoW is either you become completely obsessed with it, or you become easily bored by it. While I like the idea of the game, it has never held my attention for more than 20 levels.

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I think there needs to be more focus on personal responsibility here. People are, in general, really stupid.

The six most soul-sucking video games

You command him, you yank the computer, and then you beat him. While listening to German goth music. And wearing leather. Maybe we can pick some berries too. Oh and after we double-click the fuck out of some wolves to level up we can do some more farming before we go to sleep in-game! Yay, virtually doing chores is fun! Curiouser and curiouser.

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Thanks to those who post their horror stories. About 3 years ago I decided never to play a game with no ending again. Great decision. Good for you. But what does that have to do with anything?

11 time-sucking games to get you through the holidays

The one kid playing Halo … I wonder if his parents ever showed him what he looks like cursing and throwing tantrums!!! I got exactly a 2. Had any of my test, reports, or term paper grades had been any tad lower, I would have not earned that degree. Also the way my studies, schedual, and everything had to work out perfect, almost to the very last hour before I took my last test.