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The guest game walkthrough

Posted on Last updated: May 14, Walkthroughs.

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In the library, accessed from the door on the far right of the entrance hall, there is a book on the table.

This book will give you clues for solving each of the puzzles. From the start location, go through the door on the left into the dining room. Solve the Cake puzzle then leave the dining room and go through the next door on the left into the kitchen. Solve the Tins puzzle then go through the side door into a corridor and solve the Grate puzzlethen go through the Maze to a balcony overlooking the crypt.

Solve the Crypt puzzle and you automatically go down into the crypt. After witnessing the scene, enter the casket that opens to return to the kitchen. Go back into the foyer and solve the Spider puzzlethen enter the library to the far right. Go over to the telescope at the back of the room and solve the Telescope puzzle then leave the library and go up the stairs.

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Turn left and enter the first room on the left, solve the Bed puzzlethen leave the room and enter the room across the corridor to the Bishop puzzle. Once this has been solved, leave the room and go back left to the top of the stairs. Continue along the passage and enter the left hand door.

Solve the Heart Maze puzzle then leave the room and go left into the games room to solve the Queen puzzle. Leave the room, turn left and enter the bedroom in front of you visit the library again if the door is locked. Solve the Card puzzle then leave the room by the center door the other two doors take you to other parts of the house that you have already visited.

Go left back to the door into the bedroom where you played the Bishop puzzle. Go through the door at the back of the room into the bathroom and solve the Knight puzzle.

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Once you have done this, leave through the door and go right, then enter the door on the left and solve the Coin puzzle. Turn left and continue to the end of the passage and enter the toy room. Solve the Picture puzzle on the table, then go over to the dollhouse at the left of the screen and go through the door in it.

A complete video walkthrough of the guest.

Solve the Blocks puzzle in the chest of drawers, then return to the corridor, reenter the room where you solved the coin puzzle and view the scene near the the guest game walkthrough on the right. Go through the door into the altar room and solve the Floor puzzle. View the scene at the altar, then go through the door on the right into the laboratory, where you can view the two scenes before going over to the microscope at the back of the room to play the Microscope puzzle.

After solving the puzzle, go through the gate back to the library, then go out through the door and enter the music room to the right. Watch the scenes, then solve the Piano puzzle and go back out to the entrance. Look at the bottom of the stairs when facing them to transport into the art gallery.

Turn around and solve the Painting puzzle then turn right and go through the painting back into the music room. Go through the door and up the stairs to the attic, solve the Windows puzzlethen go through the door at the back of the attic and watch the final scene to complete the game. All six guests need to receive an equal share of cake. Each share must have two hetones, two skulls and one blank piece. The pieces given to each guest must touch on a side.

The final shape of the pieces for each guest doesn't matter.

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Spell out a sentence by on the letters. After selecting a letter, the next one selected must be connected to the last via a path. Make a sentence from the letters on the bedspread. The aim of this puzzle is to move the white pieces to occupy the squares where the black pieces are, and vice versa. The bishops can only move diagonally and cannot move onto squares where they can be taken by the opposing colour.

This also means that the bishops on different coloured squares cannot affect each other. First, work only with the pieces on one colour of squares, then use the mirror image of the moves to get the bishops on the other colour across. Alternate the below moves, with Black and White:. Open and close gates so that the blood can flow from the heart to the end. Position eight queens on the board so that no queen can capture another queen. Queens can move in any direction including diagonals for as many squares as they want. For one solution, place the Queens as shown in the image.

There are a total of 12 unique solutions, which may be obtained through backtracking or brute force. The aim of this puzzle is to move the two grates with the semi-circular cutouts to form a hole at the left hand side. To do this, the grates need to be slid around. The image has the layout of the grids and below are the moves required to get the hole on the right.

Your goal is to close all the coffin lids. There is a simple pattern to the way the lids open and close:.

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As the layout of the coffin lids is random at the start, there is no set solution to the problem. However, you may use the following table to form a solution. the coffins going left to right, top to bottom so that the top left coffin is 1 and the bottom right coffin is 9.

Then, to close a coffin while leaving the others in their original state:. To find an optimal solution for any starting configuration simply use the table above to count the of times each coffin must be clicked for example if coffins 1, 2, and 6 were open at the start just blindly following the above lists you'd have to click coffin 1 twice, coffin 2 three times, coffin 3 once, coffin 4 twice, and so on. Then, any coffin that you would have clicked an odd of times you need only click once; any coffin that you would have clicked an even of times need not be clicked at all.

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Again, using the same example where you want to close 1, 2, and 6 you would click once on each of 2,3,5,7,8,9. Since each coffin is clicked once at most, the puzzle is solvable in nine clicks or less. Once the puzzle is solved clicking the cursor when it displays the 'look to the side' pointing finger will result in you exiting the entire room by climbing into one of the coffins, for Some reasonand re-emerging in the kitchen. There's no need to traverse the awful maze again, though - just head straight to the guest game walkthrough drawing-room before you do anything else, and click on the book to be taken straight back to the crypt puzzle.

Follow the route from the to the. The Knight puzzle is similar to the Bishop puzzle in that the white knights must replace the black knights, and vice versa. Knights can only move in an "L" shape of two squares by one. One way of getting the knights across the board is by moving the knights on the following squares in sequence. The squares are lettered from left to right and ed from top to bottom:. Turn over all the coins. Once a coin is turned over, only the coins along the column above, below or on the row to the right or left of it can be flipped.

The aim of this puzzle is replace each of the purple dots on the points of the star with a spider. Pick any dot to start with, then pick another dot that is connected to it via a straight line. A spider will walk from the first dot to the second dot replacing the second dot. Now pick a dot that is connected to the first dot by a straight line and click on that dot and the first dot. Repeat the process, always sending a spider to the last dot that you sent a spider from. You will end up on a last dot with all the others occupied by spiders. The aim of the puzzle is to recreate the original picture by flipping over the individual pieces.

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Start off by flipping the columns until the centre row of the picture is correct. Then flip the top row until it is correct, then do the same with the bottom row.

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If you get an odd square on any of the rows, then the puzzle is unsolvable and you will have to restart it. The aim of this puzzle is to form three words reading from left to right.

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The columns can be rotated up, down, left and right by on the edge of the square in the direction you wish the column or row to move. Complete it by performing the following moves:.

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The aim is to get from the arrow in the bottom left to the arrow at the top right. You step onto the final arrow as the last blocks drop. As you step off the coloured blocks, they drop away behind you according to a certain rule. Standing on:. The Microscope puzzle is similar to the game of Ataxx : the idea is to have more blobs of blue your colour than green when the whole tray is full. Your blobs can move in one of two ways:.

There is no sequential solution to the game, it's just a matter of you working out the right strategy to win. Your goal is to change the painting back to the human likeness of Stauf. There is a simple pattern to the way the lid parts of the painting change. When one of the corner squares is clicked, the three squares adjacent to it in the shape of a square flip from one picture to the next.

As the layout the guest game walkthrough the parts of the painting are random at the start, there is no set solution to the problem, but try and get the parts of the paining into a symmetrical layout as this makes it easier to change them all.

The 7th guest

The aim of this puzzle is to remove all the knives except for one from the door. To remove a knife, you must jump over it with another knife along the lines of the star symbol. The layout of the star and the moves required to complete it are as follows.