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Vdategames miranda

Note that this is only a very rough guide. Since this game is very open, there and many routes to…. Do you need any help?

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Welcome to Finding Miranda Walkthrough and Endings, where we will provide you the full walkthroug to get all the possible endings of the game, all the achievements and all the scenes. But to do so you have to do the following:. Open the game. Then open the game and enjoy the scene, achievement or also ending you want. So, there hare 3 main choices you have to make, and the 3 choices are related to the loss of Lucas wife.

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Vdate with Miranda Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply.

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Vdate with Miranda by komando12 » Sat, 15Sep12 Hi everyone. Anyone played this game.

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It is very nice but still can't manage to get threesome ending. One can be obtained vdategames miranda the epilogue by saying either she or both of them look beautiful. The other can be obtained by chasing after her in the pool. There's a conversation choice somewhere by the pool that can give you a point too but I don't remember where it is. I've obtained the other 3 endings.

I have to think that Adventurous Sex means something before the end of the day, or some option to leave the room at the end of the day. As a note, I think Miranda is Chaotic's hottest girl perhaps ever. I am a big Kelly fan, but Miranda has possibly edged her out as my favorite girl.

Miranda walkthrough

Maxing out lust, for me, occurred when she invites you back to her hotel room. After making her orgasm, lust becomes maxed. I've not been able to max it out earlier. I have not been able to achieve the threesome ending, though. I think I've ly done what others have suggested with Faye at the pool both action and dialogbut don't know if there's a different choice I'm supposed to make later.

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Agree that Miranda is well drawn. For my taste, it's a toss up between her and Lisette. Re: Vdate with Miranda by EscapeEvade » Tue, 15Sep15 I am pretty sure that "A Message in the Morning" is what I got by maxing infatuation together before getting to the hotel, but failing to max lust. Unless I am totally confused, I think I've endings I've achieved.

Finding miranda walkthrough and endings (tlaero & mortze)

My guess is you'll get Message in the Morning if you have sex in the hotel room, but fail to max out lust make Miranda orgasm. I can't figure out how to get the threesome opportunity on the island. And it appears you had sex with Miranda before that opportunity.

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Is that correct? I've not found an opportunity for sex with Miranda other than in the hotel room. The only thing I haven't tried yet is. Going around the ladder instead of climbing it while hiking.

Is that what le to another scene with Faye? Chasing Faye in the Pool and saying she's a "fun girl" when you leave the pool. I think as long as you max lust and infatuation the rest of the way, you get the epilogue with Faye and Miranda on the island. There is a hidden variable called "Faye" or something that is increased by those two actions.

I think any point for her I believe will trigger her for the end, but lust points must be maxed out. Re: Vdate with Miranda by wardenvanstark » Thu, 15Sep17 Another beautiful game from vdate however I'm having troubles finding a good ending. I max the lust and just 2 less joy to max and still get a bad ending. I don't know what I'm missing.

Re: Vdate with Miranda by bing » Thu, 15Sep17 wardenvanstark wrote: Another beautiful game from vdate however I'm having troubles finding a good ending.

Download vdategames – virtual date games: miranda porn game

Didn't even have to kiss Faye in the pool. Mixed the right drink.

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Chased and kissed Miranda in the pool. Told Faye she was a fun girl. That got the threesome ending.

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Chasing and kissing Faye in the pool somehow got me the Adventurous Sex ending. Re: Vdate with Miranda by Stormy » Thu, 15Sep17 didn't try but it doesn't look very interesting but I hope developers will gain some experience for making new games. What was the drink? I still don't get how that part works.